COVID policy

"One Oahu" Required COVID-19 Screening

This screening measure is required under the "One Oahu" reopening strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The form can either be text messaged or emailed the night before your appointment. 

For your safety:

"If a service provider or client/customer answers “yes” to questions 1-3, they should not provide or receive services at the Provider’s facility. Providers may provide services to those clients/customers who answer “yes” to questions 4 and 5."

This data will be maintained for a minimum of 28 days and it is required to be given to State and City health officials upon request.

Mask Policy

We follow the city and county's required guidelines for your safety. This means that masks must be worn at all times by both the provider and the massage recipient. We are not able to waive this requirement for any reason. Mahalo for helping us keep the community safe!

Sanitization Procedures

All porous surfaces of the massage table are covered with waterproof safety lining that is thoroughly disinfected between each client. The face cradle is also fully disinfected with care. As an added safety precaution, we line the cradle with a new non-porous waterproof cover under the normal cloth cover for each client. We take our sanitization procedures very seriously.

Click below to fill out the required documents:

COVID-19 Screening

Paperless intake forms:

Massage Intake (A paper option is also available before your session)

Creative Abundance Intake

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