Massage for Newborns- Private infant massage lessons for caregivers

Peaceful baby receives infant massage during a class in Hawaii

When is the best time to learn infant massage?

It is easiest to learn infant massage before your baby is even born. Right after you give birth, you may feel overwhelmed. There is so much uncertainty that comes along with becoming a new parent. This is true for both first-time parents and those who are fully seasoned. Each baby is special and unlike any other. If you already have taken an introductory infant massage class, you will have an amazing tool to lower your stress level, bond with your child, decrease colic, and more!

Where can I learn infant massage in Hawaii?

We offer private newborn and infant massage classes in the comfort of your location. The best time to learn infant massage is before your baby is born. We can provide you with a training doll to practice on during class. Combine an infant massage class with a professional prenatal massage for a special discount. Read the rest of this article to learn more about how massage can help your newborn baby.

Infant massage given just after birth at Castle Medical Center

After giving birth, I gave my son his first massage before we even left the hospital. Of course, being a massage therapist myself, it made complete sense that I was anxiously anticipating the opportunity to bond with my little bundle of joy through touch.  Mothers across the world have been instinctively massaging their babies since the dawn of time, so I never stopped to think that some parents might be intimidated to massage their newborn. 

Although there are a variety of infant massage classes offered, these classes can be costly and not within the budget of a new family that is already strained from the high cost of preparing for a baby.  A conversation with a friend of mine about the lack of options for parents to learn infant massage inspired me to become an accredited infant massage instructor. 

It is my goal to offer an inexpensive introductory massage class to our local community on the North Shore of Oahu.  By keeping in mind only a few key points, you can develop what is called a "listening touch" and joyfully massage your little one with confidence.  Parents are encouraged to listen to their intuition and have faith in their ability to nurture their baby.  I will teach you a well-researched massage routine that has been proven safe and effective with both full-term newborns and preemies in the NICU.

You will also learn how to calm, communicate with, and distinguish between your baby's cues and distress signals.  There are numerous ways that daily massage can benefit your newborn, such as promoting weight gain, improving sleep cycles, relieving symptoms of colic, and strengthening the immune system.  Most importantly, it is a beautiful way for you to bond with your baby.  Newborn massage helps with weight gain (as much as 47% more when compared to the control group), sleep cycle regulation, nervous system development, symptoms of colic, and much more!  The earlier a daily massage routine is incorporated, the better the benefits are- so don't delay!

A demonstration doll can be provided for parents-to-be, and you will receive a free instruction manual with the price of the class. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Sonia Beauchamp
The "Haleiwa Massage Muse"
Accredited Infant Massage Instructor 
Licensed in the State of Hawaii for Massage Therapy
MAT 7465