Fertility Massage

Debunking the "fertility" massage myth: What is fertility massage and how can it help?

Due to the popularity of Mayan abdominal massage, there has been renewed interest in bodywork as a way to enhance fertility. Many therapists are now offering specialized services under the term "fertility massage." It is important to understand that there is no proven evidence that supports a direct relationship between fertility rates and massage therapy. Therefore, this terminology is misleading. Our Creative Abundance Massage Method is based on the benefits of massage as it relates to stress-reduction, pain relief, psychological well-being, and your nervous system. This is why we choose not to refer to our treatment as a "fertility massage" but instead, offer it as a way to support reproductive well-being. 

Trying to conceive can be a stressful time when relaxation is most beneficial. Read the following information below to find out how the Creative Abundance Method can help you. This empowering new way of viewing your femininity is more than just a massage. Our method is based on the psychological power of meditation and visualization, combined with self-massage, to promote well-being and relaxation.

What is the Creative Abundance Massage?

It is a relaxing therapeutic massage based on cultural wisdom and folk healing methods from around the world. This massage celebrates and supports reproductive health in preparation for conception and is performed over the abdominal area in a professional clinical massage setting. The Creative Abundance Method incorporates elements of Mayan abdominal massage, shiatsu, Hawaiian lomilomi, and clinical myofascial techniques and also includes instruction on a daily self-care routine that supports reproductive wellness.

Why do we refer to our service as "The Creative Abundance Method" and not "fertility massage":

Because there is no proven relationship between the effects of manual therapy on fertility rate, we have chosen to refer to this service in a way that reflects its foundation in folk healing. The Creative Abundance Massage for women trying to conceive has all the benefits of a stress-reducing therapeutic treatment. It is based on spiritual healing techniques and cultural wisdom, not medical science, and that is why we do not refer to it as "fertility massage."

Fertility massage has become a controversial subject due to costly treatments being offered at high-end specialty clinics. These specialty clinics charge patients tens of thousands of dollars for therapy that is unsupported by science and research. Healthcare providers who make extraordinary claims about massage and manual therapy for fertility are doing so without proper scientific evidence to support their theories. There is nothing wrong with pursuing these treatments if you believe they will help you, but you should first do your own research and understand the underlying mechanics of alternative medicine.

I am a firm supporter of the benefits of massage to support overall wellness for women who are trying to conceive. The Creative Abundance Fertility Massage Method was conceptualized in order to encourage women to set aside time every day for relaxation. The benefits of stress-reduction are exponential. Incorporating daily acts of self-care, such as massage and meditation, can greatly increase psychological and physiological health. This indirectly supports reproductive health and fertility.

When to schedule your fertility massage:

The Creative Abundance Method includes abdominal massage and must be scheduled according to your menstrual cycle. Because the session includes the use of heat therapy, the best time for this treatment is after your menstrual flow has slowed until a few days before you ovulate. We can assist you in determining the correct timeframe.

*Remember to wear old clothing to your session due to possible oil staining*

What to Expect During the Creative Abundance Massage

  • A relaxing full body treatment that includes massage over the abdominal area.
  • A soothing application of heat and oil over your abdomen.
  • Foot reflexology and acupressure massage.
  • Special emphasis on massage of the head, neck, back, lower back, and hips for balance and alignment.
  • A relaxing blend of aromatic essential oils that may support the reproductive system.
  • Training on a self-care routine that includes massage, meditation, and visualization in order to promote relaxation and decrease stress.
  • A massage based on Hawaiian lomilomi, Shiatsu, Mayan massage, and other indigenous belief systems.
  • A 30+ page instructional booklet.

*All massage techniques are performed externally, over the abdominal cavity.

Preliminary Research on Massage and Manual Therapy to Enhance Fertility

*Fertility massage is not scientifically proven to have any direct effect on the reproductive system.

There is currently no research that supports any direct effects of fertility massage on the reproductive system. There have been several small-scale studies performed with severe methodological limitations. You can find them by searching the PubMed database and using keywords such as "fertility + manual therapy" or "fertility + massage."

Fertility clinics that are charging exorbitant amounts of money for this kind of therapy are doing so with no scientific evidence to support their claims.

The Creative Abundance Method was created in order to debunk the myths of fertility massage and empower women to set aside time every day for self-love. I am passionate about educating the community about self-care. Please let me know if I can answer any questions. We are currently only offering outcall services. Base rates for mobile massage start at $250.

Sonia Beauchamp
The Haleiwa Massage Muse
Certified Fertility Massage Therapist since 2009