Achieve and Believe LLC:

Specializing in Kupuna Soft-Tissue Therapy

Welcome to Achieve and Believe LLC 

We offer on-site muscular therapy at your location

Due to complications resulting from the pandemic, my clinic is no longer located at the Ka'ala Healing Arts Center in Waialua on the North Shore of Oahu. Mahalo for an amazing 17+ years. I love and miss you all! 

Achieve and Believe LLC (formerly North Shore Integrated Massage) offers on-site therapy at your location only.

Attention massage therapists: If you are interested to find out how the banking and finance sector discriminates against the massage industry, please ask about my story. If you are a massage therapist, your financial security may be in jeopardy at certain national banks due to misclassification of business activity. In particular, specific banks to avoid due to discriminatory practices include Wells Fargo.