Energy work: Real or imagined?

What is energetic healing, and does it actually work?

In order to understand the answer to this question, you must understand what energy work actually is.

Energy work is a spiritual practice based on the premise that healing can naturally occur through the simple act of belief, intention, and goodwill towards others. Reiki is a form of meditation and a spiritual state of mind. Reiki is NOT a health treatment. it is similar to a form of prayer.

This is, of course, a simplified definition that reflects my own beliefs. There are many "systems" of energy work, some are more complicated than others. Most systems of  religious belief have a strong component of mystical healing. You could even say that energy work is a form of prayer. 

I find that the practice of energetic healing has some common ground with meditation. It is a way to let go of negativity in life and focus on the good. The daily practice of energetic healing and positive thinking is most important because it provides a sense of empowerment in otherwise hopeless situations.

Who can learn energy work?
Anyone can learn energy work. In fact, it is my belief that we all naturally have the power to transform ourselves, others, and the world around us through our own spiritual capabilities. There is no need to take a class, find some kind of guru, or have special talents. If you are interested in finding a "teacher" or spiritual guide, know that the power to heal comes from within. It is something we all naturally have access to. There is no need to pay money to "learn" spiritual healing. 

How do I begin to learn energy work?

The first step in learning energy work is to become proficient at meditation. The experiences we have within our bodies place limitations on the way we perceive the world. First, we must redefine the boundaries of reality. We must free ourselves from our own ego and thought-processes.

You may be wondering... how do I start the process of something so complicated?
The answer to this question is simple.
You begin by doing the simplest thing there is to do.

-Sonia Beauchamp