Haleiwa Massage Muse's Tip of the Day: Inner Sanctuary

Tip of the day: Create an inner sanctuary

Practice creating a place of inner peace where you can retreat during stressful situations. The more time you spend cultivating this space within your imagination, the more powerful it will be. Think of a place in nature where you feel relaxed and connected with your surroundings. For example, a small waterfall is often depicted to transfer spiritual energy, or many people feel a connection to unique majestic trees.

Imagine yourself in this special sanctuary by trying to include all of your senses. What does it smell like? Be as thorough as possible. Imagine touching the water, plants, and soil. If there is sunshine coming through the treetop canopy, imagine it's healing warmth on your skin. Imagine the coolness of the mountain stream as you wade through the water. The more you can fully immerse yourself in the experience, the more real this place will become.

Once you can easily transport yourself to your healing sanctuary with little effort, you can use this to your benefit during stressful situations. Your sanctuary can come in handy during doctor's appointments, in preparation for surgery or medical intervention, to help reduce chronic pain, before taking an important examination, or anytime you just need to relax.

Sonia Beauchamp