Musings on my BFF

In honor of my bestie coming to visit next week, here are some lesser known (but just as important) qualities of a BEST FRIEND FOREVER!

  • She lets you use her stomach as a pillow when you fall asleep on the beach after drinking too many mai tai's.
  • She babysits your son on his birthday when you accidentally schedule appointments at work... AND doesn't say anything to make you feel bad about it.
  • On her day off, she happily offers to canvas the neighborhood with you in search of your lost cut-away.
  • She will pull-over in the middle of nowhere to pose for a photo-op in front of a cardboard cow while pretending to milk it.
  • She willingly gets a silly matching tattoo when you graduate AFF together. 
  • She will drive non-stop all night and all day to get your group to their 1:00 AM appointment at the wind tunnel.
  • She isn't upset that you trashed her apartment the year you helped throw her a surprise birthday party.
  • She still goes kayaking with you even after the lightning strikes. 

  • She lets you treat her to a movie during her tropical island vacation even though it is the LAST thing she really wants to do.  *Hint, hint!*