Haleiwa Massage Muse: Four Simple SEO Tips for Your Website or Blog

Woman types on laptop to boost SEO in Hawaii

So my Haleiwa Massage Muse Tip of the Day is something completely different from my usual health related post. Today, I am going to talk about creating great content for your website! As some of you know, I recently changed my domain name after ten years of using Vistaprint and unfortunately, was stuck with a domain name and website that I could not easily port over to another provider.

I finally started building a new website with brand new content from scratch. Once my new site outperformed my old site, I purchased my old domain from Vistaprint and parked it with a custom redirect. Now, my website costs next to nothing! My first tip: Be careful who you choose to host your domain. Do your research first! Make sure you own your domain name and can easily transport its content anywhere you like.

Four Simple Tips to Boost SEO on Your Website and Blog

  • Don't worry about perfection
A website is something that should continually be evolving. It doesn't need to be perfect from the start and most likely won't be! Start with the most important information and then continue to add to it when you have time. Then, a little at a time- edit, re-read, delete what doesn't work, and add more! Continue to tweak your articles. Are you worried your writing is sub-par? Hey, that's ok! Take a look around at your competition. Most likely, those who take the time to post supplemental content (blogs) have the same problem. You'll find loads of unpolished writing, hurried articles, and grammatical errors... Relax! Your content doesn't need to be perfect. It just needs to be good enough to reflect well on your business persona.

  • Meet your publishing goals
This brings me to the next point. Set your goals and meet them! Now that you have gotten over your fear of publishing sub-par content, sit yourself down and start writing. Get that article out there on the world wide web so it can get indexed, crawled, and whatever it's called. For me, I tried to do one post a week, and it only took two months for me to see tremendous results!

  • Use your keywords and phrases
I am lucky that my massage practice is located in the small town of Waialua. There is not much competition for massage, and we all refer our clients to one another when necessary. My biggest problem? I am 2 minutes outside of the larger town of Haleiwa where I need my massage business to show up on search engines. This is where strategic use of keywords came in. I took advantage of every opportunity to add those weak phrases into my website content.

Think of all the phrases your customers might use to find you and incorporate those into your site and posts. Use different variations of those phrases in every paragraph without sounding too repetitive. Keep re-reading your posts to find missed opportunities to add in those keywords. Make a list of all your phrases so you don't forget them!

  • Expand your topics
Logically, it makes sense to start writing articles that strengthen the search terms not showing up for your business. For example, I teach infant massage classes on the North Shore of Oahu, and my classes were not showing up on Google. I wrote a short article on infant massage that included a cute picture with my business info. I posted that picture, along with a link to the article on several social media sites, and within a month- I started showing up in searches.

What happens when you run out of ideas for your articles? You won't... because you don't have to limit yourself just to posting about things related to your business. That's the beauty of a blog! You can write about anything you like as long as you keep in mind how it will reflect on your business image. Think about things that people may be searching for on Google. Community events, uplifting local news, self-help tips, inspirational quotes, recipes, the list is never-ending! It helps to always include a shareable picture or graphic on each article. This way, you can share this photo to social media posts, and it will link directly back to your website. (Stay tuned for more about social media in my next article!)

Thank you all for reading my blog post! This has been my Haleiwa  Muse Tip of the Day. 

Much love,
Sonia Beauchamp