Preventative and Wellness Massage Program

happy sun and happy cloud get massage on Hawaii's North Shore\

Aloha everyone! We are happy to announce our new massage community service program! Now the residents of the North Shore, Waialua, and Haleiwa have an affordable option for massage that targets preventative maintenance. Keep in mind that if you have HMSA, Kaiser, or any other health insurance policy, your massage may be fully covered at no cost to you.

We now offer a $50 preventative maintenance massage for overall health and wellness. This price includes any of our "hands on" massage modalities, including deep tissue therapy. Each client gets a full fifty minute massage session which focuses on their selected areas of concern. It is recommended that you schedule a custom massage for your first visit and then follow-up visits can be preventative maintenance. This plan is only valid for wellness massage therapy.

Now you have your choice of massage services at our Waialua location on the North Shore in Haleiwa:

  • Custom massage for wellness ($75-60 min, $105- 90min)  includes a full assessment and choice of aromatherapy, barefoot massage, and hot stone massage add-on. Your massage will be a full 60 or 90 minutes on the table and you can expect your appointment to last 80 minutes or 110 minutes.
  • Wellness massage ($50- 50min) Your massage will consist of "hands-on" therapy and your intake and consultation will be conducted over the phone. Your massage will last 50 minutes from the time you arrive at the office.
  • Mini massage ($40- 25min) This introductory service is great for busy people who only need a targeted "hands on" massage.
  • Medical massage ($28.60- 15min) Clinical massage and treatment planning to reduce pain resulting from a medical condition or injury. Utilizes orthopedic massage techniques.
Mahalo for your interest. I am so excited to be able to offer a preventative maintenance massage program to those of you who are not covered for massage by your medical insurance plan.

With love and aloha,
Sonia Beauchamp
Your "Haleiwa Massage Muse"