Haleiwa Massage Muse Tip: Luxury vs. Necessity

Is massage therapy a health necessity or a luxurious indulgence?

Massage therapy can be viewed as either a luxury or a necessity depending on the context and form of treatment you wish to receive.  Massage is an important way to manage chronic pain and helps recover from injury. In the context of medical massage, it is seen as a heath necessity. However, spas and other upscale facilities offer luxurious add-on treatments along with massage and bodywork. These types of massage treatments lead to the belief that massage therapy is an indulgence. 

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Where can I get the best of both massage worlds on the North Shore of Oahu?

Here at our Waialua massage clinic near the town of Haleiwa, we offer both kinds of massage services. If you want a luxurious experience to indulge your senses, book a custom massage treatment. It can include aromatherapy, heated aromatic compresses, hot stone, and deep tissue or ashiatsu barefoot massage. Give us a call at 808-285-3009 to find out about our holistic Hawaiian massage services.

We also offer medical and orthopedic massage for pain relief. We can work with your doctor or chiropractor if you have received a prescription for massage. 

This has been your Haleiwa Massage Muse tip of the day. Don't put off scheduling a massage because you see it as a luxury. Massage is important for health and well-being! 

Sonia Beauchamp
"The Haleiwa Massage Muse"
at the Ka'ala Healing Arts Building
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