My Ultimate North Shore Massage To-Do List

Finally, a to-do list that I can handle!

         Here is my Haleiwa Massage Muse Tip of the Day. Let's simplify our lives! Really, there is very little you need to be happy in life. If you are blessed to be in good health, that is most of the battle! Get a good night's rest, eat healthy food, enjoy your family and friends, move around/exercise your body, and do the things that make you happy.
        For me, these things are simple! I laugh with my children, write and do some journaling, skate around the neighborhood, and enjoy my pull-up bar. I also love to give and receive massage! I challenge you to find your own ultimate to-do list in life!

Take care and get a massage! Feel better today, why wait!?

Sonia Beauchamp
"The Haleiwa Massage Muse"
at Integrated Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy in Waialua.
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