New North Shore Massage Services: Bamboo Massage

Aloha Friends,

Going into 2019, I have decided to revitalize my massage clinic in Waialua. For the time being, I am operating as a single-practitioner office, so this is a great time to upgrade my services and dedicate some time towards mastering new techniques.

What is Bamboo Massage (Bamboossage)?

Bamboo massage is performed with heated lengths of either bamboo or rattan. It is similar to hot stone massage in theory, except the cylindrical shape of bamboo allows for the option of firmer deep tissue massage as well as relaxing circulatory work. Bamboossage is amazing because the heat penetrates your muscles and allows for deep relaxation.

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For a limited time, I am offering a free bamboo massage upgrade with any holistic massage service. I invite you all to try it out and see for yourself how amazing it feels. Just let me know when booking your appointment, and I will make sure to include additional time. After this trial offer, clients will have to pay an additional fee for Bamboo Massage.

Hope to see you soon!

Sonia Beauchamp
"The Haleiwa Massage Muse" 
at Integrated Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy 
in Ka'ala Healing Arts. Waialua, Oahu, Hawaii.