Tier 5: Oahu Massage Update

 Aloha everyone,

I've been getting a lot of anxious inquiries from excited clients regarding the One Oahu Tier 5 Reopening Strategy. However, Oahu has not quite reached the 70% vaccination threshold that is required to drop the mask mandate. It is speculated that this will happen soon, and once it does, massage clientele will no longer need to wear masks during services.

Masks can now be removed for brief periods to allow for facial and jaw massage

Under Tier 5, the city and county now state that "services which require face coverings to be removed for extended periods may not be performed." This means that masks may be removed briefly to allow for therapeutic face and jaw work. This is great news for anyone who suffers from TMJ dysfunction and increased jaw tension due to wearing masks for prolonged periods of time.

Stay tuned for more updates

Once the city and county of Honolulu reaches the 70% vaccine threshold, massage therapy will resume normal operations. 

Much love,
The Haleiwa Massage Muse