What to Look for in a Pregnancy Massage Therapist

There are many things to consider when getting a pregnancy massage. While the strokes can be similar to any typical massage therapy session, your therapist should be well-versed in pregnancy-related musculoskeletal conditions. It is always important that your massage therapist also is trained and certified in prenatal massage therapy.
Pregnancy and postpartum massage is offered at our North Shore Oahu Massage clinic near Haleiwa

Why is pregnancy massage certification important?

The biggest concern with pregnancy massage is that your therapist is knowledgeable of contraindications for massage. These are atypical circumstances where massage may be harmful to the health and well-being of the mother or baby. Although this situation is rare,  there are a few circumstances where massage should be avoided. If you have any irregular medical or pregnancy-related conditions, always make sure to discuss them before your massage session with your obstetrician and massage therapist. 

Prenatal massage certification is also important because it indicates that your therapist has been trained to best address the specific issues that pregnancy has on the body. For your comfort, your massage therapist should be trained on the proper positioning and bolstering throughout all three trimesters of pregnancy.

What type of pregnancy massage cushions are best?

While there are special massage cushions that enable pregnant women to receive massage in the prone (face-down) position, not every woman is comfortable laying this way. The best and most comfortable way to receive a pregnancy massage is not face-down, but in a side-lying position. This ensures adequate blood flow and circulation at all times. Not every body type is comfortable in a one-size fits all type of body cushion. While it may be tempting to try to lay face-down, it is often uncomfortable and places excess strain on the uterine ligaments.

When is the best time to learn newborn massage?

At Integrated Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy, we also teach newborn and infant massage to new parents and caregivers of infants. The best time to learn infant massage is not after your child has been born but beforehand. We encourage expecting parents to sign up for a private infant massage lesson before their expected due date. Because massage helps babies develop and grow, it is best to already have training before dealing with the stresses of parenthood. Sonia is a certified infant and newborn massage therapy instructor. 

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