Video Blog: Review of Hot Stone Massage Tools

Aloha everyone,

I thought it might be helpful to upload a video about some new products I recently came across. There are definitely pros and cons to using soapstone for massage. While they retain a tremendous amount of heat, they are also slick and hard to hold.

Watch the following video to find out more about using Brazilian soapstone for massage and see my amazing new mushroom-shaped basalt tools.

Here is a written transcript of the video:


This is Sonia the Haleiwa Massage Muse, and this week, I thought I would do a video review of some of the different types of massage stones that I use here in my office. I recently purchased these hand-carved Brazilian soapstones from an artisan in Canada. They were kind of pricey, I got them on Etsy, and I thought that they would be amazing, and they are. They look amazing, and I was curious about the soapstone because I was reading that they retain heat really well, and I knew that they were slippery, so I thought that they would be cool to massage with. It turns out that soapstone is really slippery though, and I feel like I'm gonna drop one of these bad boys, and it's gonna break right in half on the floor. So, in summary, they are pretty to look at, they look expensive, they feel expensive, they are nice, but I still think that the standard basalt stones are the best to use. Something I found are these mushroom-shaped basalt massage stones. They are made in China, and they are awesome. They work great for the suboccipital area, you can hold one in each hand and work the posterior neck, they are awesome. I wish I had known about these years ago, but I'm so glad that I have them now. They are definitely a must-have. Alright. That's my video for this week! Thank you for watching my review of hot stone massage tools.

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