Virtual Newborn Massage Class

Aloha Everyone,

I hope this message finds everyone safe and happy while sheltering at home. My massage office is currently closed to assist in flattening the curve for public safety, and I have been enjoying my time with my children.

If you are currently expecting a baby, I am a certified newborn and infant massage therapist. I would love to teach you an introductory class on infant massage! This class can be done virtually using video chat.

Please give me a call or email for additional information!

This class will not have a set price but is rather a "pay what you can afford" format. I normally charge $40 at my clinic for a 30-minute lesson.

I look forward to "seeing" you soon.

Much love,
Sonia Beauchamp

Closed for Spring Break

Aloha friends,

Integrated Massage is currently closed for Spring Break 2020. Please give Mona a call for all your massage therapy needs at If you are searching for a massage provider who accepts your health insurance, you will need to call the number on your insurance card to obtain a list of other providers in the area.


Sonia Beauchamp
The Haleiwa Massage Muse

Massage and Sanitation: COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus update

Aloha everyone,

In light of the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus outbreak, I wanted to take a moment to assure you that we are following a strict sanitation protocol at our clinic. We are following the recommendations of state and government agencies, as well as the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). We are open, and it is business as usual.

My partner, Mona Ballard of Mona Thai Bodyworks, is also accepting massage appointments at our location in Ka'ala Healing Arts. You can learn more about her business here:

Proper sanitation procedures for massage therapists:

Massage therapists are licensed by the State of Hawaii and have strict protocols already in place. Your massage therapist should practice the following:
  • Thorough hand washing before and after each treatment
  • Disinfecting the therapy room with a hospital-grade disinfectant (this includes: handles, light switches, knobs, pump-bottles, credit-card machines, etc.)
  • Clean linens for each client
  • Wiping down the face-cradle between each client following the manufacturer's instructions
  • Using trash can liners for the disposal of used tissues

Additional protocols:

  • Have each client wash their hands before and after their massage
  • Instead of using protective fleece covers on the face cradle, use a double layer of face cradle covering to be changed entirely for each client

Regarding cancellation policies for massage appointments:

Our 48-hour cancellation policy has always been waived when clients feel unwell. It doesn't matter how close it is to the time and date of your massage, if you feel unwell, you should cancel your appointment immediately. Receiving a massage when you are getting sick can make your symptoms even worse. You should never get a massage when you have body aches that could be attributed to a cold or illness. In light of COVID-19, both massage clients and therapists should be extra precautious regarding this.

Can I request that my massage therapist wear a surgical face mask during treatment?

At the moment, we have used our entire supply of surgical masks. Unless surgical masks are made available to our clinic, we are unable to grant your request to wear a mask while performing massage. However, our clients are more than welcome to bring their own masks to wear. 

It is business as usual at our North Shore massage clinic near Haleiwa

Thank you for your time in reading this message. We are doing everything in our power to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our North Shore, Oahu massage clients. If you ever have concerns about the sanitation procedures at your local massage clinic, don't be afraid to ask. It is your right to know the sanitation protocols of a clinic before booking a service. 

I highly discourage customers from booking with massage therapists who charge a late-cancellation fee in the event of an illness. This is a poor and unsafe business practice that doesn't take into account the well-being of the community. 

I hope you all stay healthy and happy. Please take the time to do the things you love and spend time with the people who are important to you!

Much Love,
The Haleiwa Massage Muse
at Integrated Massage in Waialua

North Shore Massage Insurance Coverage

Aloha everyone,

I no longer accept health insurance plans that do not provide written information regarding massage therapy benefits to their providers. The administrative burden of accepting these cases is too overwhelming for me as a sole proprietor. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

North Shore Hawaii Health Insurance Accepted for Massage Therapy

Please note that this does not include ASH Group and HMAA. I still happily accept Ash Group, HMSA, Kaiser Permanente, and HMAA benefits for massage. I also accept some personal injury and no-fault cases if my schedule allows.

If your health insurance company is not listed above and claims to cover massage therapy, please urge them to update their handbook for massage providers along with their benefits information in their plan policy. Once they have procedural guidelines in writing, more providers will be willing to accept their patients.

I understand your frustration with not being able to find a therapist on the North Shore who will accept your insurance for massage. I'm sorry to not be able to do more to help.

The Haleiwa Massage Muse

Ka'ala Healing Arts Facebook Page

Aloha Everyone,

I just wanted to announce some exciting news! The Ka'ala Healing Arts Center now has a Facebook page. If you want to find out the latest news on health and wellness in Haleiwa and the North Shore, make sure to like and follow us. There are several massage therapists on-hand to suit your needs. From zen shiatsu to barefoot massage, medical massage to deep tissue, and even craniosacral therapy, there is a massage specialist who can help you in the building. In addition to massage with one of Ka'ala Healing Art's therapists, you can get award-winning brows and lashes at Hoku Hale. There is also family therapy, counseling, and colon cleansing services.

Stay tuned for our provider spotlight coming soon. Each post will feature the latest information about a different therapist at the center.

Ka'ala Healing Arts offers wellness therapy for the Haleiwa area

Take advantage of the convenient location of Ka'ala Healing Arts. We are just outside the town of Haleiwa in the North Shore. There is a small fruit stand open most days next door to us. Buy local fruit and vegetables after your appointment without having to go to the farmer's market. Avoid the town of Haleiwa entirely and check out the businesses at the sugar mill before or after your services. There is a great new food truck called Banyan's Island Grill. They serve fresh-caught local fish plates and have the best crispy french fries for the kids!

Mahalo for reading this. Take care and call soon to book your massage appointment. I also make house-calls for on-site massage therapy as well. I will happily come to your location in Waialua, Haleiwa, or Turtle Bay Resort. Discounts are available for multiple people wanting sessions on the same day at the same location.

Sonia Beauchamp
The Haleiwa Massage Muse

North Shore Haleiwa Massage insurance availability update

It is with a heavy heart that I make the following announcement:

Availability is limited for massage therapy covered by health insurance

Limited availability for massage covered by health insurance

Due to low reimbursement and an increased administrative burden, I have made the decision to limit the number of patients treated at our clinic under their health insurance policy for massage therapy.

In the late 1990s, health insurance coverage for massage was unheard of. We all wished that one day, massage would become a reimbursable medical treatment. Nothing has made me happier than working hard to make this happen. However, my overall well-being has suffered after four years of turning appointments around quickly to better suit the medical massage model. I have been forced to face the fact that the insurance reimbursement model for massage therapy is flawed and failing. Providers of massage who are sole-proprietors are not being reimbursed enough for their services and are sometimes even losing money when they take on a new insurance patient due to the increased administrative burden. It makes no sense that I continue doing business with the companies that have not streamlined their provider services for alternative care therapists. The administrative efforts that are necessary to bill insurance for certain companies are overwhelming. Hopefully, provider services will someday be streamlined to allow for alternative care providers to verify coverage and submit claims online. Some companies have already invested in doing this. As soon as the administrative burden decreases, we will be happy to accommodate everyone.

For now, we will continue to see as many insurance patients as our schedule allows, but certain individuals whose eligibility and claims submission processes are not automized may be turned away once we meet our quota.

Mahalo to all of you for your continued support!

Much Love,
Sonia Beauchamp
The Haleiwa Massage Muse at Integrated Massage
and Deep Tissue Therapy
in Waialua, near Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.