Please note: Due to complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are no longer accepting health insurance or no-fault insurance. The community wellness program has also been temporarily discontinued. Reducing the number of massage bookings allows for the proper sanitization of our clinic. It also helps our therapists adhere to the adverse effects of the city and county of Honolulu's personal protective equipment requirements. Mahalo for your understanding! Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Is massage therapy covered by medical insurance?

YES, massage therapy can be covered by insurance in the state of Hawaii. Your health insurance plan must have a rider for complementary alternative medicine that covers massage. Click here to select and download forms

Insurance reimbursement information for massage therapy:

There are three ways massage therapy is covered by insurance in Hawaii:
  1. Through no-fault insurance if you have been in an automobile accident. (Scroll down to the bottom)
  2. Through worker's compensation if you have been injured on the job. (Scroll down to the bottom)
  3. Through some medical insurance plans that cover alternative medicine. There are some policies through Kaiser, HMSA, UHA, and HMAA that cover massage. (See below)

We accept insurance that covers massage in Hawaii

Our Waialua massage clinic, just outside of Haleiwa town, only takes a limited number of worker's compensation and auto accident massage insurance reimbursement cases to ensure we can properly accommodate our patients. Your appointments will be scheduled in advance. We never accept more automobile accident and on the job injury patients than our therapists can properly schedule and attend to. We care about providing the highest level of service.

Give our Waialua massage clinic near Haleiwa and the North Shore a call to find out more about insurance coverage for massage. Please do not use our on-line scheduler for insurance massage.

Coverage for massage therapy by your health insurance plan

Co-pay and Benefits plans:
Some Hawaii health insurance plans cover a limited amount of massage therapy. Coverage varies depending on your insurance plan, and you may need a doctor's referral for massage. Your referral should state a specific diagnosis, and we will need to determine medical necessity for massage before your appointment can be made. If your Hawaii medical insurance plan allows self-referral for massage without getting a doctor's referral, we will still need to assess your case history and determine medical necessity beforehand. If massage is not medically necessary for your condition or you have not obtained a doctor's referral and your plan requires it, you may be eligible to receive massage under the ChooseHealthy Affinity Program (see below) or by electing to receive a wellness massage instead. If you are uncertain about your insurance coverage for massage therapy, we can look up your benefits in our computer system or you can call the customer service number on your insurance card.

ChooseHealthy Affinity Program:
The ChooseHealthy program is an affiliate program for complementary alternative healthcare. This service may be part of your health insurance plan and allows you to receive wellness massage. No doctor's referral or prescription is needed. You do not need to have a condition in which massage is medically necessary. There are no limitations on the number of massage visits. Please call us for details on rates and to make your ChooseHealthy massage appointment. If you are uncertain if your plan participates in this program, call your insurance company or give us your information, and we can verify your coverage.

Additional Information:
Your massage sessions will be limited to evidence-based massage treatment only. There is no medical coverage available for Hawaiian Lomilomi massage, Eastern massage modalities, energy work, barefoot massage, hot stone massage, or any of our holistic therapy treatments. Medical massage is not the same as our custom therapeutic massage because it uses only clinical goal-oriented massage techniques under a treatment plan that takes your doctor's referral or prescription into consideration.

Your consultation will be over the phone. If you need extra time to get on and off the massage table, please inform us beforehand so we can schedule the time for you. 

Examples of health insurance that cover massage include some plans under:
  • HMSA- massage therapy coverage may be available with or without a prescription or referral. Coverage depends on your plan.
  • Kaiser Permanente- massage therapy coverage may be available with or without a referral. Coverage depends on your plan.
  • HMAA- plans that cover massage therapy do not require a prescription or referral.
  • UHA- some plans cover massage therapy. A doctor's referral and prior authorization have been required in the past but are not current requirements. They have not updated their benefits guide (as of Jan. 2020) to include written information regarding benefits for massage therapy.
  • Many other health insurance plans- including the Choose Healthy Affinity Program for massage therapy, offer wellness massage to their members. Call us or your representative to see if your plan is on the list.
Your massage therapy sessions near Haleiwa in Waialua could be just a $15/$20 copay away when your massage is medically necessary due to pain. If your plan participates in the ChooseHealthy program, you are eligible for wellness massage without the need of a doctor's referral. Give our Haleiwa massage clinic in Waialua a call to find out more about how massage therapy is covered by your medical and healthcare insurance.

Visit my blog post for additional information about health plans that may cover massage therapy and how and when to get a referral for massage therapy.

How to make an appointment for massage that is covered by medical insurance:


  1. Verify coverage by providing us with your information. (Name, Plan name, ID #, Birth date)
  2. Get a referral for massage, if applicable. Certain plans require you to see a participating medical doctor, some plans allow a chiropractic doctor to refer. There must be a diagnosis code on it.
  3. Fill out the paperwork below and email, fax, picture message, or mail it to our office. We will have a phone consultation to go over your information and schedule your appointment.
  4. Arrive a little early for your session. Late arrival times may be deducted from your massage. Bring your doctor's referral, insurance card, and all completed intake forms with you.

Intake Forms for ASH network health insurance patients

You will need to email these forms to me at AND bring these forms with you to your appointment. Instead of using e-mail, you can also fax to 678-696-6671 or text message a photograph to 808-285-3009.

Arrive a little ahead of time for your session. We are unable to accommodate late arrivals, and time may be deducted from your massage. You must adhere to our 48 hr. cancellation policy (waived in the event of illness) and will be responsible for a cancellation fee of $40.

Massage insurance coverage for auto accidents and worker's comp

In the state of Hawaii, massage therapists are authorized to bill insurance companies for treatments that are necessary due to injuries from an auto-accident or on-the-job mishap. This includes no-fault auto insurance under your PIP policy and worker's compensation. You must have a prescription from a medical doctor. Your massage treatments will be limited to evidence-based clinical massage therapy. Our Waialua massage clinic near Haleiwa will provide your insurance company all the necessary massage treatment documentation needed in order to process your claims. 

How to make an appointment for massage under auto-insurance or worker's comp:

First, give us an initial call or email to determine if our schedule can accommodate your massage appointments. Then, fill out the form by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.  If you prefer to give this data over the phone, please gather all necessary information before giving us a call. You will most likely have to speak with your insurance representative first, in order to verify the amount of coverage available. The information you provide will enable us to process your claim.

Once we evaluate your case and determine suitability for massage therapy, we will schedule your appointment(s). It is suggested that you also fill out all intake forms in advance to allow us more time to review your medical history.

Arrive on-time for your session. You must adhere to our 48 hr cancellation policy (waived for illness).