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Meet the Haleiwa Massage Muse: 

*These videos were taken prior to the pandemic and are outdated. We have had to discontinue insurance participation and the community wellness program to allow for thorough sanitation between clients. We hope to offer these services again after the threat of the pandemic has passed. *

(The information presented in this video is no longer current)
Watch this brief video for an introduction to our medical massage clinic in Waialua near the town of Haleiwa. We offer the community wellness massage program for the residents of the North Shore of Oahu who do not have health insurance coverage for massage therapy. My prices start at $50. I believe that massage therapy should be part of a healthy lifestyle and not something that is only reserved for special occasions. 

Find out about my specialty in deep tissue and ashiatsu barefoot massage therapy:

North Shore Summer Massage Updates 2019:

Review of Hot Stone Tools for Massage: